Thursday, July 16, 2009

What is my problem??

This has been one THOSE weeks. I have no inspiration at all! Does that EVER happen to you? I need a kick in my butt!

Anyone offering to kick me? Please?

I have so many adorable sketch books that I need to add a page and move them along!!! They are so adorable.

I have swaps I have to do. I still haven't done the "Anything Goes" one that I said I would post, Monday!

It isn't like I was talking about something I dislike. I LOVE THIS STUFF!

I need a kick in my butt!!!!!



  1. Hey no problem Shelia, I'm good at doing the kicking! LOL I haven't been very good about keeping up my blog so need to get to work on getting my Christmas in July cards up while it's still July.

    Rose Ann

  2. Thanks, Rose Ann.

    You are right about the Christmas in July. I also hhave to finish my ATC Winter Wonderland!!!! Gotta get gooing. Thanks for the kick. It just might work.