Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Poignant Thoughts

This is an email I received from Sherrill Graff today and it is so true.  It is why I share TAC with anyone I can find:

"started to think about what a friend said to me yesterday as I was bringing her home from the doctors. She had just had the news that she needed to go into the hospital to have more tests run. Uncertainty has set in, and worry too... What she said to me had a great impact. She said stamping over the last few months has brought her out of her shell and has brought sunshine in her life! Stamping has given her a reason to hang out with friends and to spend hours creating beautiful cards to share with friends. Stamping has brought more joy and keeps her out of pain. This is WHY we do what we do! This is why we serve and why we share what we love. We share and serve to lift help and inspire others. We don't just sell stamps we support friends in their times of need. May God bless this friend and may he bless each of us so we can do what he would do if he were standing here with us today.

I believe the light of Christ is in our hearts, lets find something to do to day to serve others.

love you, Sherrill"