Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bon Appetite !

My BFF is visiting from Colorado for a week!  I am so excited to see her. We only see each other probably twice a year. Did you ever meet someone and you knew she was going to be the best friend you have been looking for forever? Well that is Rita.

Yesterday she came over and I was in my studio finishing up some books I was making.  I asked her if she wanted to see something done and she said she would love to.

I decided to make something for her. These are the colors of her kitchen and this little chef is on her wall paper. On her wall paper she also has black, teal and yellow.

First I took a piece of cardboard and used my Corner Chopper to round the corners. Of couse, had I been thinking, I should have glued the paper on and done them together. I then put that aside for later assembly.

Then I made the cover for the ruled note paper. I firmly believe that when you nake a note paper holder, you should cut the back of the note paper chip board into the shape of a T so that you can replace it when it is done. That means the cover is totally independent of the note paper.  So you have to make a bar for the T to fit through and the make the cover.

I used another color that Rita has in her kitchen to cover up the top band of the note pad, taking into consideration that there is a tiny scored piece on top for the fold over.  I stamped it with the stamp Bon Appetit which is all over her wallpaper.

I  got down to business and made the front sheet that would cover the front of the notebook and look like it was made for it. Rita mentioned that teal and black played a big role in her wallpaper too. So I took a Koosh ball for each color and pounced Versacolor on the paper using both colors.  That was the background paper for the layered Chef.  I then used the wine bottle with cheese and grapes just like she has in her kitchen in Colorado.

I then took the large piece of covered chipboard and placed four really strong round magnets in each corner so she could mount them on the refridgerator.  The last two things to do were to place the stamped yellow top cover on with Scor tape and attach the layered piece to the front of that. The last step was to slip the T shaped back of the note pad into the the card board strip I placed underneath. I used Scor tape for that too. I really believe that is the stronest tape for the job!

I hope you have enjoyed this little tutorial and will try it on your own.

Rita has a sister that she thinks will be very jealous because they both have the same wall paper and all the same items in them.

Don't forget, to see it larger, please quick twice.  It was very nice to get to show you something besides christmas cards!  Please post your comments. I would love to read them.