Saturday, December 12, 2009

Easel Card #3

Boy, it really is hard to stop making these babies.  This card is really cute. I found this stamp at a convention in Las Vegas and thought it was so cool!

I used the same paper as I used in the first easel card I made.  If you click on the card, you can see I used the new cuttlebug borders for 5x7 cards on each side. That tied the paper in.  I used a christmas bulb as the stop for the fold.  For the beard and the hat I used faux flower soft. It is so easy. Just get styrofoam balls from the dollar store. Rub them together over a ziploc bag or something. Then take glue and put it where you want the fluff. Sprinkle the fluff and you're done. Easy Peasy!

Don't forget to click so you can see the affect of the styrofoam.

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  1. I love your easel cards! I think this one is cute especially since you have located to AZ!!