Monday, October 12, 2009

Copic and embroidery Birthday card

This card is for a very special sister -in- law. It is 5 1/2" x 8 1/2".
First I did some simple embroidery on all four sides using the colors I wanted to incorporate into my image. The image is done completely with Copics. Oh, I need so many more Copics so that my blending is better.  I then stamped Happy Birthday with my beloved Memento ink!

I hope you enjoy this. If you would like to see a close up of the card, please click on it.

BTW, I have so many sketch book pages to put up. I am really far behind on my postings.  It is on the list for this week but I have joined Pulmonary rehab at the Hospital and am going to Vegas Thursday and may stay overnight.  Lots of books to finish!  Got to get caught up because I am picking up more bookos on Wednesday after I go to the Doctors.

I have been moving things around and assembling new toys and have sprained my back.  This is going to be a fun week!!

See you all soon!


  1. Hi Shelia, Remember me? I used to be in SBMAC. I have added your blog to my list and will keep track of your news. I love this card. Making cards is my passion but tend to keep things simple. I'm a Pergamano fan, but only do it for very special occasions. Check out my web store at


  2. I will. I am glad to hear from you. Cards are my passion too. But I find that the books are taking me out of my comfort zone and widening my field. I always went for the elegant cards. I would take hours to make them. But I am enjoying comping up with ideas. We have a book circulating that is Pictionary. The cover was a spider web and an eye = web site. I laughed so hard! Sandy did a pen, a man and a ship. Easy -penmanship. I did an outhouse and a page out of a book, laughing the whole time = toilet paper. That is the one I love the best. 7 months ago, I would never have had the imagination to do that. Of course right now I have 24 books, not fun!

    I love pergamano too. It has been quite awhile since I have done any of it. I have to go check out your store.

    How is the shore. Have you had Indian Summer yet? Man, I miss the Atlantic Ocean!!!

    Talk to you soon.


  3. Hello from Texas! I enjoy your blog about your cards. I use Corn pads (really corn pads for your tootsies) covered with Finca Embroidery Floss, then apply pads to my embroidery, sewing over the pad to the fabric for stability to pad birds, flowers, whatever. Try this texture on your cards. Also, use QTips for padding!!! Hope to hear from you'll, Pat